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Fig caves

Mysterious cave, which is considered to be the largest on the island, located in the area of Lefkoniko near the village of Platani (Cinarli). The name of the cave comes from the Fig tree that is growing next to it. Scientists believe that the age of this cave is five million years. Stalactites and stalagmites grow very slowly and only in the rainy season, and in 50 years they increase just by 2 santimeters.
In 2005, the villagers together with the local municipality has cleared all the rubble, built the stairs at the entrancen and equipped the cave with electric light, making it available for viewing for 70 meters, although the total length of the cave is 311 meters. Today, this huge and mysterious cave with numerous conduits, manholes and stubs fascinates visitors with its coolness and total silence. It attracts attention not just of tuirists but also scientists from all around the world.

Based on the book “the Northern coast of Cyprus” Svetlana Pobedimskaya

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